Wednesday, September 28, 2005

They arrived!

I got my 2005 JCS Ornament mag today. Woohoo! My to do list had just increased into treble figures. There are some beautiful ones in there this year - I think I found at least two I liked on every page. My favourite has to be the Love needleroll closely followed by Noel 2005 and Holly n' Hardanger.

I also got the 2003 edition of the mag. Now I get the joke about the pink flamingo :-D


Blogger BeckySC said...

WHAT??? you don't like the Pink Flamingos???? ROFL! I saw it sttiched at Charlotte Market when it came out and I thought then it was the strangest thing for an ornie...but hey-some people may love pink flamingos on their tree :)

Enjoy your mags :)

6:37 PM  

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