Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I paid a visit to my LNS the other day. Well, it's not a shop as such - it's a craft warehouse that's part of a garden centre. The have a small section for stitchers...DMC and Anchor, some kits, a few charts, a small selection of fabric and accessories. That's about as close to a LNS we have around here.

I remembered why I do all my stash shopping online. It was almost £14 ($24) for a fat quarter of 28 count linen and £15 for a Mirabilia chart! Needless to say I didn't buy anything stitchy.

I've been kitting up a few new projects - Just Nan's Legacy, a couple of Bent Creek's and I've started Lorri Birmingham's Spring Hardanger table runner. It's looking lovely even though it's my first attempt at buttonhole stitch. I may give it to my MIL as part of her Christmas present although if it looks too nice it'll end up on my table instead ;o)


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